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 ushmm USHMM celebrates Captain Witold Pilecki and The Auschwitz Volunteer

 FightingAuschwitz FAcoverblowup 2016 11 4 rComing Fall 2017! Fighting Auschwitz: The Resistance Movement in the Concentration Camp

 sikorski-nosimplesoldier-150 dpi-final2012-9-26-rComing Fall 2018 Sikorski: No Simple Soldier—A Visual History of World War II's Unsung Allied Leader

 polishstudiesassn logo-2011-6-7The 2015 Aquila Polonica Prize - Winners announced by Polish Studies Association at 2015 ASEEES Convention.

 balancing act lifetime-color logowithhosts-2012-4-30 
Aquila Polonica on national TV - interview on Lifetime television morning show The Balancing Act


Wall Street Journal Europe
– Opinion by Aquila Polonica publisher Terry Tegnazian, “Polish Heroes:
The history of the country's World War II resistance against Nazi Germany fell victim to Realpolitik.”

 Publishers Weekly – “Aquila Polonica Finds Its Niche”

Warsaw Business Journal
- Opinion by Aquila Polonica publisher Terry Tegnazian, "The Polish Connection."



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Siege DVD

About the Photojournalist 



Julien Bryan comforts 10-year-old Kazimiera Mika, her 16-year-old sister had just been machine-gunned by Nazi German fighter plane

JULIEN BRYAN, renowned American photojournalist, documentary filmmaker and lecturer, was born in Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1899, graduated from Princeton University in 1921, and received his Bachelor of Divinity degree from the Union Theological Seminary in 1926. 

A man of great warmth and enthusiasm, Mr. Bryan devoted himself to documentary films of exceptional quality on a wide range of subjects, and was an outstanding advocate for the effective use of films in education. 

At his death in 1974, Mr. Bryan left behind a rich and unparalleled legacy of film dedicated to bridging cultures and bringing knowledge to the world. 

Mr. Bryan’s historic achievements include a 1930s series on the Soviet Union; a 23-part series on South America undertaken at the request of the U.S. government in the 1940s; film studies of the “new Turkey” under Ataturk and of Nazi Germany during the rise of Hitler -- and in particular, his extraordinary filming of the Siege of Warsaw during the first weeks of World War II, which garnered an Academy Award nomination.

Julien Bryan films the Siege of Warsaw live, from atop a barricade







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Echoes of Tattered Tongues: Memory Unfolded
by John Guzlowski
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