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 ushmm USHMM celebrates Captain Witold Pilecki and The Auschwitz Volunteer

 FightingAuschwitz FAcoverblowup 2016 11 4 rComing Fall 2017! Fighting Auschwitz: The Resistance Movement in the Concentration Camp

 sikorski-nosimplesoldier-150 dpi-final2012-9-26-rComing Fall 2018 Sikorski: No Simple Soldier—A Visual History of World War II's Unsung Allied Leader

 polishstudiesassn logo-2011-6-7The 2015 Aquila Polonica Prize - Winners announced by Polish Studies Association at 2015 ASEEES Convention.

 balancing act lifetime-color logowithhosts-2012-4-30 
Aquila Polonica on national TV - interview on Lifetime television morning show The Balancing Act


Wall Street Journal Europe
– Opinion by Aquila Polonica publisher Terry Tegnazian, “Polish Heroes:
The history of the country's World War II resistance against Nazi Germany fell victim to Realpolitik.”

 Publishers Weekly – “Aquila Polonica Finds Its Niche”

Warsaw Business Journal
- Opinion by Aquila Polonica publisher Terry Tegnazian, "The Polish Connection."



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2015 Los Angeles Pioneer Women of the Year Award


20150327 112237 2-rCropped2Terry Tegnazian and L.A. Councilmember Paul Koretz

Aquila Polonica Publishing president Terry Tegnazian was honored with a 2015 Pioneer Women of the Year Award by Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz and the Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women.

The year 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Pioneer Women of the Year Award, which is sponsored by the Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women, the Los Angeles Mayor and Los Angeles City Council. This award honors the contributions of remarkable women leaders who have made exceptional contributions in the service of the community. With a population of 3.8 million, Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States, and one of the most diverse.

The awards festivities kicked off on Friday, March 27, 2015 with a breakfast in the beautifully restored Tom Bradley Tower at the top of historic Los Angeles City Hall, followed by a presentation ceremony in Los Angeles City Council Chambers. On Sunday, March 29th, Ms. Tegnazian attended the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Pioneer Women of the Year Award held at the Los Angeles Mayor’s Mansion.

“I feel extremely honored by this award,” Ms. Tegnazian said after the ceremony on Friday. “It was totally unexpected. I am humbled by this recognition of my work, both as a community volunteer and as a publisher.”

The large, handsomely framed award certificate presented to Ms. Tegnazian reads: “The City of Los Angeles salutes and celebrates your tremendous accomplishments serving the public, and congratulates you on the Pioneer Woman of the Year Award. As an intrepid community volunteer, an avid champion of libraries, founding director of the Los Angeles Musical Salon, and a publishing award winner, you have brought joy, knowledge, and profound civic spirit and leadership to neighborhoods and people across Los Angeles. Through steadfast ways and caring deeds, you have made the City of Los Angeles a better place in which to live.”

For more info about Ms. Tegnazian: Terry Tegnazian, Aquila Polonica publisher

Download the press release...


 IMG 1368-rCroppedMs. Tegnazian and her husband Scott Whittle before the awards breakfast




IMG 1390-rLos Angeles City Council Chambers before the awards presentation


IMG 1402-rCroppedAwards plaque from the L.A. Commission on the Status of Women






 KoretzTATSHWMartinez2015-3-27L.A. Councilmember Paul Koretz, Ms. Tegnazian, Mr. Whittle, L.A. Councilmember Nury Martinez





IMG 1404-rAward certificate 















MayorsMansion2015-3-29HermioneJanoyanTATPaulKrekorianAstaCrissHermione Janoyan, Terry Tegnazian, L.A. Councilmember Paul Krekorian and Asta Criss at Mayor's Mansion event






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